Petroleum Lighting Fixtures

Pump Canopy

Canopy Lighting

FCPG series LED Parking Garage Lights

From 5,300 lm to 13,300 lm

Canopy Lighting

FCPA series LED Canopy Lights

From 19,600 lm to 32,000 lm
Parking Area

Outdoor Lighting

FSTA series LED Roadway Lights

From 4,300 lm to 21,400 lm

Area / Site Lighting

FALC series LED Area Lights

From 10,300 lm to 40,800 lm

Flood Lighting

FFLA series LED Flood Lights

From 2,000 lm to 12,000 lm
Convenience Store

Indoor Lighting

FTFS series Field-Adjustable LED Center Basket Troffer

From 2,700 lm to 6,600 lm

Indoor Lighting

FPNB series Field-Adjustable LED Direct-lit Flat Panel

From 3,200 lm to 6,600 lm

Indoor Lighting

FSLA series LED Linear Strip Lights

From 3,300 lm to 6,000 lm

Outdoor Lighting

FWPT series LED Wallpacks

From 4,200 lm to 22,000 lm

Outdoor Lighting

FWPR series LED Wall Lights

From 3,200 lm to 13,400 lm