PacLights LED Canopy Lights offer greater energy efficiency, life expectancy and quality of light than better than traditional Metal Halide fixtures it replaces. PacLights produces LED-based canopy lights that provide reduced energy consumption, extremely low maintenance, and superior light distribution characteristics. PacLights LED canopy lights are easy to install for retrofits and new construction.

Canopy Lights

FCPA series LED Canopy Lights

From 19,600 lm to 32,000 lm

Canopy Lights

FCPB series LED Canopy Lights

14,800 lm

Also, the optional LED Canopy Light Retrofit Kit is designed to replace existing 2x2 metal halide light fixtures in gas station fuel pump canopies, easily and cost-effectively, it uses the existing metal halide light fixture mounting - no need to disrupt canopy seals during installation, eliminating potential roof leaks common with other canopy light retrofit procedures. The retrofit procedure also delivers the lowest installed cost - less time to install and that time savings is also cost savings. These retrofit kits provide all of the advantages of LED-based lighting over metal halide lamps including longer life, lower energy consumption, and better lighting characteristics – while delivering brighter light focused on gas pumps and fueling areas.

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