Flood Lighting

FFHL series LED Flood Lights

From 67,000 lm to 141,000 lm

Outdoor Lighting

FPTA series LED Pole Top Area Lights

From 6,600 lm to 20,300 lm

Outdoor Lighting

FALC series LED Area Lights

From 10,000 lm to 63,000 lm

Make your outdoor public spaces safer,brighter, and more efficient with high-quality, long-lasting parking lot light poles. Designed to be installed in any large, outdoor location, these outdoor post light fixtures offer bright illumination that can help make a space more secure and more welcoming.

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LED area light illuminates outdoor spaces, such as walkways, parking lots and entrances to enhance visitor safety, deter crime and discourage vandalism. Our energy efficient LED Area Lighting provides better visibility and security, while lowering outdoor post top lights light costs.