PacLights offers affordable interior LED lights and other indoor lighting solutions for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. From upgrading office lighting to adding extra light to a warehouse, find affordable fixtures that are durable and built to last. PacLights LED luminaires redefine the art of indoor lighting, providing the styling, efficiency and performance you desire for retail lighting, office lighting and hospitality lighting. For high bay and low bay industrial lighting and warehouse lighting, choose PacLights LED luminaires.

Canopy Lights

FCPG series LED Parking Garage Lights

From 5,300 lm to 13,300 lm

High Bays

FHU series LED High Bays

From 13,000 lm to 29,000 lm

High Bays

FHUE series LED High Bays

From 13,000 lm to 21,000 lm

High Bays

FHUP series LED High Bays

From 13,900 lm to 32,000 lm

High Bays

FHW series LED High Bays

From 43,000 lm to 69,000 lm

High Bays

FLHA series LED Linear High Bays

From 11,700 lm to 42,000 lm

High Bays

FLHS series Smart LED Linear High Bays

From 14,700 lm to 56,000 lm

Troffers & Panels

FPAN series LED Flat Panel

From 3,600 lm to 5,900 lm

Troffers & Panels

FTFB series LED Center Basket Premium Troffer

From 3,500 lm to 5,800 lm

High Bays

XHB series LED High Bays

From 20,700 lm to 28,200 lm

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