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FWPR series LED Wall Lights

From 3,200 lm to 13,400 lm

Troffers & Panels

FTFB series LED Center Basket Premium Troffer

From 3,500 lm to 5,800 lm

Light Bulbs

BH series LED Light Bulbs

From 3,000 lm to 13,000 lm

Troffers & Panels

FPAN series LED Flat Panel

From 3,600 lm to 5,900 lm

Retrofit Kits

RKLN series LED Linear Retrofit Kits

From 2,250 lm to 7,050 lm

High Bays

FLHA series LED Linear High Bays

From 11,700 lm to 42,000 lm

High Bays

FHU series LED High Bays

From 13,000 lm to 29,000 lm

Light Bulbs

BU series LED Light Bulbs

From 2,890 lm to 5,285 lm

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