Indoor Lighting

FVTB series LED Vapor Tight Lights

From 4,600 lm to 11,900 lm

Indoor Lighting

FCPG series LED Parking Garage Lights

From 4,000 lm to 12,500 lm

Formerly dominated by high-pressure sodium (HPS), metal halide (MH), fluorescents and induction lamps, parking garage lighting is now a common application for LEDs. Their benefits often include energy efficiency and whiter light. LED parking garage lights provides ample bright light to indoor parking structures without the glare and heat of traditional metal halide fixtures. Parking garage lighting fixtures LED have special lenses and reflectors that distribute light evenly in a wider angle to cover more area with less fixtures. These outdoor canopy lights can be mounted with a junction box or pendant. LED parking lighting fixtures are low profile, maintenance-free and provide up to 100,000 hours of high efficiency light. LED canopy lights for parking garages can replace up to 400 watts metal halide fixtures in carports and multi-level parking garages.

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Key requirements for parking garages include safety and security. An effective parking garage lights should provide excellent uplighting to eliminate “cave effect.” Fixtures should have good sidelighting to illuminate columns and signage. Standards specify no more than a 10:1 variance in lighting from a max/min ratio. In other words, no garage section can have more than 10 times the minimum lighting level of any other point in a garage. The garage also should have a 5.0 footcandle minimum lighting level for proper illuminance. The structure of a parking garage affects lighting. If your garage is constructed of precast concrete double tees, be sure that lights are installed properly for effective distribution. This structure can be identified in the field by its many deep, upright tees in the ceiling. Fixtures should not be mounted up in the tee because they tend to overilluminate one tee and underilluminate others. Instead, fixtures should be dropped below or nearly below the tee. Garages built of cast-in-place concrete typically have flat ceilings that allow fixtures to be mounted directly to them. For both types, concrete that is light colored or painted in a light color improves light distribution.