Cost effective and flexible in outdoor illuminating designs, LED outdoor lighting is meant to last with dependable, ambient illumination. Forget about maintenance and welcome energy efficiency. Enjoy the outdoors with peace of mind. Choose PacLights outdoor luminaires for roadway lighting, area lighting, flood lighting, canopy lighting and other commercial outdoor lighting applications. Maximize energy savings and cut maintenance costs with PacLights Outdoor LED lighting fixtures, these outdoor light fixtures also help provide added visibility and security for numerous applications.

All Outdoor Lighting Products

Area Lights

F2SB series LED Area Lights

From 5,000 lm to 30,500 lm

Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

F2WP series LED Wallpacks

From 2,700 lm to 15,000 lm

Area Lights

FALB series LED Area Lights

From 10,100 lm to 37,400 lm

Area Lights

FALC series LED Area Lights

From 10,300 lm to 40,800 lm

Canopy Lights

FCPA series LED Canopy Lights

From 19,600 lm to 32,000 lm

Canopy Lights

FCPB series LED Canopy Lights

14,800 lm

Canopy Lights

FCPG series LED Parking Garage Lights

From 5,300 lm to 13,300 lm

Flood Lights

FFH series High Output LED Flood Lights

From 31,000 lm to 63,000 lm

Area Lights

FFHP series Architectural LED Flood Lights

From 51,000 lm to 135,000 lm

High Mast & Sports Lights

FFHS series High Mast Sport Lights

From 53,000 lm to 166,000 lm

Flood Lights

FFL series LED Flood Lights

From 900 lm to 26,000 lm

Flood Lights

FFLA series LED Flood Lights

From 1,900 lm to 7,000 lm

Hazardous Location

FHZL series LED Hazardous Location Lights

From 5,400 lm to 16,800 lm

Hazardous Location

FHZR series LED Hazardous Location Lights

From 7,200 lm to 23,250 lm

Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

FJAR series LED Vaporproof Jar Light

1,200 lm

Area Lights

FPTA series LED Pole Top Area Lights

From 3,955 lm to 10,125 lm

Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

FSTA series LED Roadway Lights

From 4,300 lm to 21,400 lm

Indoor Lighting Fixtures

FVTA series LED Vapor Tight Lights

From 4,600 lm to 26,000 lm

Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

FWPR series LED Wall Lights

From 3,200 lm to 13,400 lm

Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

FWPT series LED Wallpacks

From 4,300 lm to 15,500 lm

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