• Luminaire Level Lighting Control (LLLC)
  • Bluetooth-enabled Mesh Networking of Luminaires and Devices
  • Individual Addressability, address individual or multiple luminaires
  • High-end and Low-end Trim
  • Time Scheduling for individual lights, groups or scenes
  • Sensors integrated with BLE, occupancy and daylight sensing
  • Multi-level Dimming, Daylight Harvesting and Occupancy controls
  • Manual/Automatic ON/OFF and Automatic partial ON/OFF control capability
  • Control via smart device App or wireless wall switch
  • Secure commissioning with Keilton App
  • Up to 100 ft node-to-node and 50 ft node-to-device
  • Other control features to meet code compliance

Zoning & Grouping

  • Add and control up to 100 devices per zone
  • Add unlimited zones to scale for bigger installation
  • Create unlimited groups (combination of sensor or network nodes) within a zone
  • Link and control the whole group or zone

Scene Control

  • Create and link scenes to individual lights or groups within a zone
  • Select scene with App or wall switch

DLC and its logo is a trademark of DesignLights Consortium.
Keilton is the qualified system name listed on the DLC Networked Lighting Controls QPL.



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