Sports Lighting Fixtures

Outdoor Sports Field

Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

FFHS series High Mast Sport Lights

From 53,000 lm to 166,000 lm
Indoor Sports Venue

High Bays

FHUS series LED High Bay with Bi-Level Sensor

From 7,000 lm to 40,000 lm

High Bays

FHW series LED High Bays

From 43,000 lm to 69,000 lm
Other Outdoor Areas

Area Lights

FALC series LED Area Lights

From 10,300 lm to 40,800 lm

Flood Lights

FFLA series LED Flood Lights

From 1,900 lm to 7,000 lm
Other Indoor Areas

Indoor Lighting Fixtures

FDLA series LED Field-adjustable Downlights

From 500 lm to 3,200 lm

Indoor Lighting Fixtures

FPNB series Field-Adjustable LED Direct-lit Flat Panel

From 3,200 lm to 6,600 lm

Indoor Lighting Fixtures

FTFS series Field-Adjustable LED Center Basket Troffer

From 2,700 lm to 6,600 lm