PacLights provides various solutions to retrofit a wide range of HID or fluorescent fixtures. LED lights virtually eliminate ongoing maintenance with some fixtures, staying bright for up to 100,000 hours. Even running 12 hours a day, that’s over 22 years of light for college campuses, shopping malls, residential parks, hospital grounds, commercial parking lots, car dealerships, and other applications. On a limited budget or looking for better rebates? Retrofit the dated HID/fluorescent fixtures with PacLights Commercial LED bulb products.

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BH series LED Light Bulbs

From 3,000 lm to 13,000 lm

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BU series LED Light Bulbs

From 2,890 lm to 5,285 lm

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BW series LED Light Bulbs

From 1,950 lm to 15,500 lm

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XHB series LED High Bays

From 20,700 lm to 28,200 lm

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BU series
Ultra compact LED bulbs to fit most medium wattage commercial and industrial applications, wide light distribution angle.
2,890-5,285 Lumen
  • E26 Medium base
  • Replace vertically/horizontally installed MH.
  • 70w-175w MH equivalent
  • 30w - 50w LED
  • up to 113 LPW
  • Recommend to use in ceiling recessed lights, post top, bollard, wallpack, etc. (bypass ballast)
BH series
Directional and rotatable, pre-installed IES Type III or Type V lens, for LED retrofiting of roadway, area, or other commercial lighting fixtures.
3,000-13,000 Lumen
  • Medium(E26) or Mogul (E39) Base
  • Replace horizontally installed MH bulbs
  • 70w-400w MH equivalent
  • 27w - 115w LED
  • up to 120 LPW
  • Recommend to use in area lights, street lights, flood lights, canopy lights, wallpacks, etc. (bypass ballast)
BW series
The most versatile LED bulb for commercial use. Built in surge protection ensures reliable performance in variety of applications.
3,000-15,500 Lumen
  • Medium(E26) or Mogul (E39) Base
  • Replace vertically/horizontally installed MH.
  • 50w-400w MH equivalent
  • 15w - 125w LED
  • up to 144 LPW
  • Recommend to use in all MH/CFL fixtures(bypass ballast).

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While HID or fluorescent systems fade quickly and turn yellow over time, LED lights maintain their color temperature for years, giving you longer lasting and higher quality light. If you want to upgrade to LED but don't have the budget for all new fixtures, retrofit bulbs include all of the assembly hardware required to convert existing fixtures. Because metal halide or fluorescent bulbs are omni-directional, those bulb gives off light you never end up seeing because it is trapped bouncing around the inside of the fixture. On the packaging, this light lost to "Lumen bounce" is still included in the initial Lumen rating. Because LEDs are naturally directional, there's no light trapped in the fixture. This means an commercial LED light bulb can be a direct replacement for older systems even if on paper it doesn't look as though the LED lights put out as much light.