Indoor Lighting

FSLE series LED Linear Strip Lights

From 2,000 lm to 12,000 lm

Indoor Lighting

FVTB series LED Vapor Tight Lights

From 4,600 lm to 11,900 lm

Indoor Lighting

FSWA series LED Wraparound Lights

From 4,000 lm to 5,300 lm

Indoor Lighting

RKSL series LED Field-adjustable Retrofit Strip Light

From 2,400 lm to 11,900 lm

Indoor Lighting

FSLA series LED Linear Strip Lights

From 3,100 lm to 8,600 lm

High Bays

FVTA series LED Vapor Tight High Bays

From 17,000 lm to 33,000 lm

Linear Strip or Wrap Lights mount directly to a wall or other flat surface and provide ample lighting to workspaces, hallways and more. Simple designs have low profiles and direct light in different directions depending on the model chosen. The no-frills design offers dependability, ease of use and a low cost. Enjoy powerful lighting that will last for years in just about any environment, illuminating your way while providing a stylish look that will complement your decor well.

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Our selection of linear lights come in a variety of lengths. The lights have a universal voltage of 120 to 277 volts. They are designed without reflectors and are best suited for specific lighting applications, such as at workspaces, inside of closets and along hallways. Whatever your needs, you will find a great match within our large selection.

One of the primary benefits of these fixtures is providing quality illumination to a large area. From hallways to warehouses and more, no long space is too difficult. The wall or ceiling mounted design provides a great contemporary look that will improve the look of any area with ease. Sleek, subtle, yet powerful, they are the perfect choice for anyone wanting to combine high function with great style. When you install linear lights in your building, you have the ability to choose from a variety of styles and designs to match your taste.

When choosing lighting for commercial and retail settings, there are some pretty basic options that have become the norm. These lighting options have become the standard for retail and commercial lighting because they offer superior illumination, long-lasting performance, and are easy to install and maintain. The most popular option is commercial warp lights. The reason commercial wrap lights are great for this type of setting is because their linear prism design has been created to maximize light while lowering electricity costs. With a design that features a closed structure along the sides of the lens for optimal distribution of light, these lights are great for illumination without the glare. This type of lighting is ideal for large spaces when installed in enclosed ceilings. The amount of light provided and energy-saving design makes them great for a variety of settings, including commercial and retail settings, government facilities, hospitals, military bases, educational locations, and many more.