Indoor Lighting

FDLA series LED Field-adjustable Downlights

From 500 lm to 3,200 lm

Indoor Lighting

FPNB series Field-Adjustable LED Direct-lit Flat Panel

From 3,200 lm to 6,600 lm

Indoor Lighting

FTFS series Field-Adjustable LED Center Basket Troffer

From 2,700 lm to 6,600 lm

Indoor Lighting

RKTF series LED Field-adjustable Retrofit Troffer

From 2,600 lm to 5,900 lm

Indoor Lighting

RKSL series LED Field-adjustable Retrofit Strip Light

From 2,400 lm to 11,900 lm

Indoor Lighting

FSLA series LED Linear Strip Lights

From 3,300 lm to 6,000 lm

Area / Site Lighting

FPTA series LED Pole Top Area Lights

From 3,955 lm to 10,125 lm