Benefits Of Parking Garage Lights

Benefits Of Parking Garage Lights

Parking garage lighting refers to both outdoor and indoor lighting that is generally surface, pendant, or recessed affixed to the ceiling, soffit, or overhang of a structure. This lighting is typically used to illuminate areas for automobile and pedestrian traffic. While traditional HID parking garage lights are widespread, they are not the most energy-efficient alternative for your company.

This post discusses three advantages of parking garage lights. They are lower energy costs, lower maintenance costs, and better illumination efficacy. More information is provided below.

The best garage lighting will transform a dark, potentially dangerous environment into a safer, brighter environment suited to getting the job done correctly. Fortunately, there are various high-quality solutions accessible.

Replace fluorescent lights with energy-efficient LEDs; install a screw-in, multiposition light bulb; and otherwise rapidly and affordably improve garage illumination. Outdoor parking garage lights are reasonably priced. 

LED Innovations

LED lights create and distribute light differently than their HID counterparts. LEDs produce light using a semiconductor, unlike HID lights, which need a “fuel source.” Furthermore, instead of a single bulb and reflectors within the fixture, they spread light utilizing many diodes and separate lenses. As a result, light is distributed more evenly in the intended area while using substantially less energy.

Maintenance Cost Savings

LEDs may save you money by lowering maintenance expenses and offer substantial cost reductions from energy usage. LEDs evolve through their practical life in a very distinct way according to how they create light. LED-generated light output declines slowly over time, rather than ceasing to operate once a fuel supply is severely diminished.

As a result, the useful life of an LED product (typically over 100,000 hours) can be substantially longer than that of an HID Lamp. A typical facility with outside building lights, for example, may save up to $5,341 in maintenance expenses by switching a normal 250w HID wall pack to an LED wall pack over three years.

Lighting Performance Improvements

Finally, while energy and maintenance cost savings are vital, lighting performance must not be sacrificed. This is another area where LED outperforms the competitors. LED wall-pack lighting applications provide evenly distributed light due to their multi-point design. This implies that the variation in light levels across a given surface will be reduced across fixture mounting sites. In comparison, HID lights frequently generate a “bright spot” directly under the lamp, with light levels falling dramatically as the distance between bulbs rises.

As a result of the LED conversion, the foot candle distribution is more uniform. LEDs are available in various CCTs (correlated color temperatures), in addition to even light dispersion.


An LED retrofit would assist cut energy usage and maintenance costs while improving lighting efficiency. Contact Stouch Lighting to discover more about how an LED retrofit may benefit your company. We would be pleased to prepare a no-obligation evaluation to assist you in understanding the return on investment from an LED conversion.