Choose the Right LED Retrofit Kit With This Guide

Right LED Retrofit Kit

Lighting technology has evolved in exciting ways. One such innovation is LED lighting systems. LED retrofit kits allow facility owners to upgrade their entire lighting system so that they can enjoy incredible new lighting features. So, if you plan to buy an LED retrofit kit, here is how you can choose the best one for your needs.

Cheaper Doesn’t Always Mean Lower Quality

Getting new LED fixtures is a great way to get energy savings and improved light quality. However, you may want to buy an LED retrofit kit that comes cheaper but may also be skeptical about its quality. But remember that if your existing fixtures are in good condition, affordable retrofit kits can be your perfect choice. You will get brighter lighting at a lower cost per fixture.

Well-Designed Kits for Faster and Easier Installation

When it comes to the LED installation process, faster is better. Faster installations will lead to fewer disruptions to your operations and lower labor costs. However, you need to choose a well-designed retrofit kit that will make installation simple and secure. Some LED arrays can be secured in place with double-stick tape. However, teh tape may get soft over time, and the LEDs could fall against the lens. So retrofits require you to secure them with screws, which take a lot of time per fixture to be installed. But if the screws are not fastened in a straight line, it can look bad.

The best option would be magnetic retrofit kits that can be quickly and easily clicked into place and slid into perfect alignment. That could be a huge time-saving for you while also ensuring that the fixtures are secured for the long term. It can make the installation simple and successful. You just have to remove the existing bulbs and ballast, attach the magnetic retrofit, connect power through a quick wiring connector, and close up the fixture before restoring power.

Retrofit Kits can be Smart

LED retrofit kits may come equipped with new technologies that stretch energy savings. More states are adopting energy standards to ensure commercial facilities take advantage of daylight harvesting. This can reduce the need for interior lights during sunlit hours. Occupancy sensing is another smart option you can add to your LED retrofitting. This is well-suited for storage areas, stairwells, break rooms, warehouses, conference rooms, etc.

Retrofit Kits can Perfectly Existing Fixtures

You can have plenty of kit sizes to ensure that they adapt to any fixture. However, the best thing is to look for retrofit kits that are made to replace multiple lamp fixtures. Go for options that match or improve the look of your space, like LED light panels for fluorescent troffer replacement. It is even better if you have a retrofit kit that comes with a backup power run that can convert any LED retrofit into an emergency light.

Summing Up

In conclusion, you have to look for retrofit LED kits that are affordable, quick to install, high quality, can fit any fixture, and are equipped with smart technology. These kits can help your space operate more efficiently and make onlookers thrilled with their design and rightness.

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