FHUS – LED High Bay Case Study

FHUS Series LED High Bay – Case Study

East Meadow High School is a Grade school located in New York, USA.

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The Problem

In this School Lighting project, the main fixtures utilized beforehand were traditional high pressure sodium High Bay lighting fixtures. High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and High Density Discharge (HID) lighting were once commonly used as the main product of illumination for such instances; however, with the development of new modern technology, there are now better and more efficient options to utilize such as PacLights LED technology. High Pressure Sodium requires high maintenance costs & greater energy consumption when compared to LED Lighting.

Old Lighting vs New LED Technology

With the installation of the new FHUS LED High bay lighting fixture, there are a great number of benefits to utilizing LED when comparing to other traditional fixtures.

  • View: At a first glance, one can visually see a difference between LED & High Pressure sodium lighting in terms of illumination & color temperature.
  • LED fixtures require little to no maintenance in the short and long run. Making it worth every penny saved.
  • LED lighting quality is far superior in terms of color rendering, color temperature, and lumen output, all in one to provide efficient energy savings.
  • As time progressed, these HPS and HID lighting fixtures provided the room with a yellow & degraded appearance.
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The Process – High Bay LED Lighting

The FHUS High Bay was the ideal fixture to replace the existing High Pressure Sodium lighting in order to maximize interior lighting efficiency and save money. High Pressure Sodium requires high maintenance costs & greater energy consumption when compared to LED Lighting.

East Meadow High School upgraded the lighting of their band room from a 400w high pressure sodium high bay to a PacLights FHUS series 150w LED high bays (FHUS150-40-LV). With less wattage utilization on the LED High Bay Fixture, the illumination level and lumen output outdo the previous fixture while saving money on energy.

Comparing Results – High Pressure Sodium vs LED

The lighting fixture to the on top that appears large and yellow in color is a High Pressure Sodium lighting fixture. The Lighting fixture to the right is the PacLights LED FHUS Series High Bay. With the replacement of the HPS fixture, the new LED High Bay created a bright and unique atmosphere to its students and faculty.

The amount of savings with this replacement was even greater due to being one of our products with Bi-Level Dimming Control capabilities.

With this control, the lighting fixture will operate at less than 100% while there is no motion. Once Motion is detected, the fixture will automatically turn on to its full illumination. Overall, this fixture provides maximum lighting comfort while being budget-friendly for both the client and the contractor.

High Pressure Sodium

Upgraded LED Lighting

Mounting Options

THE FHUS Series includes a variety of mounting options such as:

  • Trunnion Mount (Included)
  • Hook (Included)
  • Conduit (NPT 3/4)
  • Pendant Mount

More about the FHUS Series

The FHUS is built to perform at an affordable price. When compared to traditional metal halide systems, get a quick return with up to an 80% savings in maintenance and energy expenses. For even more energy savings, all FHUS models come with a bi-level dimming sensor. This IP 65 rated LED high bay fixture is a cost-effective option and ensures your return on investment.

Applications and Features

This LED High Bay is an efficient wet location product, it is suitable for: warehouses, gyms, garden areas, mezzanines, and outdoor areas.

Color Temperature: FHUS Provides color temperatures ranging from: 3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K

Maintenance free LED luminaries with a IP65 Rating (Protected against contact with water & dust)

FHUS Series LED High Bay - Warehouse and Storage Application