FFHS Series Sports Lights – Case Study


FFHS - Series Sports Lighting

Washington Middle-High School

Washington Middle-High School, is a private school located in Greenville, Mississippi servicing grades Pre-K to 12th Grade High School. Washington provides formal education to a student body of approximate 760 students with a high emphasis in extracurricular activities such as sports in the Greenville County area.

FFHS Series Information - Sports Lighting - Stadium Lighting, LED High Lumen

The Problem

In this Stadium Lighting Project, the main objective was to replace all traditional low-efficiency metal halide and fluorescent fixture that were previously installed. 

Issues from traditional stadium lighting include:

  • Warm Up Time – Requiring a warm up period which can take 1-15 minutes.
  • Cool Down Period – If power shuts down, it may require 5-10 minutes before restarting
  • Color Shifting – Due to aging, Color & lumen of fixture decreases and changes yellow.
  • UV Radiation – Emits harmful UV rays.

The Solution

With the goal of providing both powerful and efficient lighting, PacLights provided the perfect selection of LED High Mast Lighting Lighting Fixtures. For this Football field project,  we provided the FFHS Series Sports Lights

With features built with municipal, high school, university, and semi-professional outdoor sports facilities in mind, we recommend this product for being the best option in utilization in Outdoor sports venues.