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FFHS series Sports Lights

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Washington Middle-High School

Washington Middle-High School, is a private school located in Greenville, Mississippi servicing grades Pre-K to 12th Grade High School. Washington provides formal education to a student body of approximate 760 students with a high emphasis in extracurricular activities such as sports in the Greenville County area.

FFHS Series Information - Sports Lighting - Stadium Lighting, LED High Lumen

The Problem

In this Stadium Lighting Project, the main objective was to replace all traditional low-efficiency metal halide and fluorescent fixture that were previously installed. 

Issues from traditional stadium lighting include:

  • Warm Up Time – Requiring a warm up period which can take 1-15 minutes.
  • Cool Down Period – If power shuts down, it may require 5-10 minutes before restarting
  • Color Shifting – Due to aging, Color & lumen of fixture decreases and changes yellow.
  • UV Radiation – Emits harmful UV rays.

The Solution

With the goal of providing both powerful and efficient lighting, PacLights provided the perfect selection of LED High Mast Lighting Lighting Fixtures. For this Football field project,  we provided the FFHS Series Sports Lights

With features built with municipal, high school, university, and semi-professional outdoor sports facilities in mind, we recommend this product for being the best option in utilization in Outdoor sports venues. 

Commercial Grade LED
Lighting Fixtures

With utilizing LED Lighting, these types of fixtures come with a great amount of benefits that are the unbeatable compared to traditional HID and fluorescent fixtures. 

These Benefits Include:

  • Longer-Life Span 
  • High-efficacy
  • Efficient Lumens per Wattage
  • Dimmable Drivers

+ Much More


High School Stadium Entrance for FFHS LED Series Project
FFHS Series LED - Pole Lighting, Mount, LED Mount, Stadium Lighting, Light Post, Replacement

About the FFHS Gen 2

PacLights prides itself in our easy to set-up and fast installation lighting fixtures. Included are heavy duty Trunnion mounts which were the optimal choice for this project. 

The Slipfitter mount is another option that is available for the FFHS Sports lighting fixture that increases the versatility on installation. 




With traditional non-LED sports lighting fixtures previously installed, there were issues of insufficient lighting being utilized to light up the entire field as well as discoloration of the initial et lighting into a yellow/orange color.  

FFHS/2 Outdoor Lighting - Moments before Dusk

FFHS/2 Night time , Night Light,


Bottom View of the FFHS Generation 2 in action moments before dusk.

Accessories Used

Glare Shield:

Sports arenas and areas are typically placed in areas located near residential, tourist locations, and conservation areas; therefore, some of the powerful lighting ma need to be shielded in order to avoid unwanted illumination. 

The FFHS/2 Generation 2 allows for an ON/OFF switch between luminary levels. These photocontrols don’t need to be manually set up everyday for the ability to function, they automatically determine the amount of daylight present to activate. The Photocell control provides convenience and energy savings for outdoor LED Lighting.

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