Why Every Garage Should Have Proper LED Lights

Traditional fluorescent lamps can be replaced with LED light fixtures, some of which are 4 feet long. They consume less energy and last considerably longer. These low-cost fixtures are ideal for retail spaces, warehouses, and many commercial places, and they last for several years. They also come in numerous sizes, color temperatures, wattages, and lumen outputs to meet the specific needs of B2B customers in the United States. Expect to see several parking Garage lights as LED fixtures in the country.

Parking Made Easy

The garage is one place where the ceiling is high and sufficient lighting is required. It becomes difficult to park and then retrieve the luggage without parking garage lights. The FCPG series of LED garage lighting fixtures come in a number of mounting options and color temperatures. These fixtures are IP65 rated and have a microwave motion sensor that detects movement in the area. It saves a significant amount of electricity, just like other LED fixtures.

Apart from garages, expect the FCPG series of lights to be suitable for the following locations:

  • Convenience Stores
  • Gas Stations
  • Streets
  • Parking Lots for Residents

Garage Lights Reduce the Chances of Accidents

Security specialists have always been aware of the injuries being caused due to moving and parked cars, often due to improper visibility. Unfortunately, the lack of statistics on parking garage accidents prevents any suitable conclusion from being given. Even the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is not known to track occupational injuries or pedestrian-auto collision fatalities.

Several security companies hide garage crash statistics to ensure ample business opportunities, which is not the proper practice. Instead, better lighting solutions such as LED lights in parking garages should be given attention.

Lighting Across Large Areas

4ft white LED lights are ideal for creating the illusion of space. These lights are often found linked together in large groups. They provide characteristics ideal for environmental preservation and saving money over time. These lights are great for areas exposed to the outside environment such as highways because of their waterproof nature.

Warm white, cold white, and pure white are the three most popular emission colors for LED lights. These lights have so many uses that they are absolutely invaluable. This is also true because light plays such a crucial role in daily living.

Top Benefits of the Best LED Lights

  1. LED lights can be hung on a wall or kept on any flat surface
  2. Usage and installation of these lights are easy. You do not need to call a professional electrician every time.
  3. They provide adequate lighting despite being installed on high ceilings
  4. Compared to tube lights, LED lights use lesser electrical energy, leading to monthly savings
  5. LED lights last long in any environment
  6. Attractive Design for Existing Decor
  7. Sleek designs use small curves to focus light in numerous directions. However, the type of focus will vary from one model to another.

LED lights offer revolutionary lighting technology to every space. They are highly suitable for use in commercial spaces.