What’s a Vapor-Proof Light Fixture?

vapor proof light fixture

Running a factory or a commercial space is an overwhelming task. You must consider the labour, the kind of lights you fix in the area, and the equipment. We often overlook the lighting part because we are too busy focusing on getting labour and the equipment. You have to create a safe space for the workers, so you can’t install unsafe and poor lighting fixtures in the factory or commercial space.

Have you heard about vapor proof light fixture? If not, you should consider installing it in your commercial space because these are safer and much more efficient. At first, we would like to tell you what these vapour-proof light fixtures are and why they are the best.

What are Vapor Proof Lights?

Vapour-proof lighting is sealed so the harsh environment or weather does not enter the fixture. The environment may or may not be explosive, but it can damage the fixture. Some gases are corrosive, but they may not be explosive. Vapor-proof lights are meant to keep the dust and vapours out of the fixture.

Vapor proof lights are excellent for commercial spaces, so you should look at the options and choose the best one.

Vapor Proof Light Fixtures are the Best for Wet Atmosphere

A harsh environment, especially wet ones, can trigger the usual lights you fix in a factory or a commercial space.

Let’s say you store frozen goods in your commercial space or make different food items in a factory; there is water, moisture, etc. The usual lights in your home cannot bear such temperature changes.

You need lights that can resist all the temperature changes. As the name suggests, vapour-proof light fixtures are vapour-proof – they do not get damaged and are meant for a wet atmosphere.

The light fixtures protect from dampness, dust particles, and other contaminants. These fixtures are quite durable, so you must consider getting these for your commercial space, especially if there is too much moisture.

Are Vapor Proof Lights Explosion-proof as Well?

Vapour-proof lights are not exactly explosion-proof. It keeps gases and vapours out of the fixture, but that does not make it explosion-proof.

For this purpose, you would need explosion-proof lights.

Consider getting vapor-proof lights if you have a moist factory or commercial space environment.

Lighting up a commercial space can be very challenging, especially when you know your factory needs bright lights, safety, and security. Your workers’ life is at risk if these lights explode someday or some other accident occurs.

Consider your options if you have a food processing plant or an industry. Vapor-proof lights are quite efficient and do not get damaged in extreme temperatures. These are highly durable and do a fantastic job lighting up the space. Got harsh lighting needs? The vapor-proof lights are the best.