The Most Important Applications of Vapor Tight LED Lights

Vapor-tight LED lights are sealed with a gasket for protection from environmental hazards that may damage the standard models. They offer a more durable construction of reinforced fiberglass housings and high-impact diffusers. These features keep the light fixtures safe from dust, moisture, and other contaminants that cause corrosion or infiltrate the connections between sensitive components. Due to the added protection of the units, they can be installed outdoors as well.

Advantages of Vapor Tight LED Lights

The most obvious advantage of LED vapor tight fixtures is their added durability. They do not require much maintenance and upkeep like their counterparts, as they are sealed against external elements. Less time and money will be spent on repairing and replacing them. Also, LED vapor-tight light fixtures are extremely simple to clean. This feature is extremely important in environments that require food safety. LED vapor-tight lights are energy efficient, thus reducing your energy consumption and utility bills.

Applications of Vapor Tight LED Lights

Vapor-tight LED fixtures are perfect for areas that are more likely to feature wet, dusty, or humid environments, such as parking garages, processing plants, and swimming pools. The unique features of these lights make them ideal for such commercial and industrial applications where regular light fixtures may be too vulnerable. Food processing units can benefit from these lights as they can be cleaned more easily than standard models.

Car washes use torrents of water that often contain soap and dirt and wreak havoc for normal lights. But vapor-tight lights can be of great help in such situations. Large-scale cold storage and refrigeration units also require vapor-tight lights as they create condensation that builds up on lights in freezing temperatures.

  • Parking Garages: Vapor-tight lighting fixtures can be highly beneficial for parking garages as they are often exposed to elements. The lights can keep moisture and dirt kicked up by vehicles out of the fixtures, thus prolonging their lives. It will also result in a longer lifespan, considering that parking garages are lit 24 hours a day. The longer lifespan of LED lighting will reduce operating expenses by lowering both energy and maintenance costs.
  • Industrial Refrigeration: LED vapor-tight lights can perform all other lighting in cold temperatures. The condensation buildup is the biggest issue in such environments. But vapor-tight LED lights are perfect fixtures for industrial freezers, refrigerators, and storage.
  • Industrial Food Processing Facilities: The industrial buildings should maintain a clean space. This includes spraying down and cleaning teh light fixtures, which can be damaging to regular lights. But vapor-tight fixtures allow for proper cleaning of the fixtures without risking the lights’ durability and efficiency.
  • Wet Location Lighting for Car Washes: The car wash environment is wet, dirty, soapy, and hot. Fixtures that are not vapor-tight but only water-resistant alloy corrosion and light discoloration to set in, thus degrading the light fixtures rapidly. Hence, vapor-tight LED lights are the best choice.
  • Shopping Center Lighting: Shopping centers face a combination of all the above factors, which could lead to issues with conventional lighting technology. The light fixtures in such environments are exposed to various weather elements. Vapor-tight lighting can offer the best solution for these environments.

Summing Up

Vapor-tight LED technology is clearly beneficial for many applications. Installing these fixtures can bring many benefits, such as high durability, reduced energy consumption, increased lighting performance, and maintenance cost reduction.