Remember This Before Investing in High Bay LED Lights

Remember This Before Investing in High Bay LED Lights

High Bay LED lights are built for use in large spaces with ceiling heights ranging from 20-40 feet. And if you plan to purchase an LED high bay, several factors can impact your choice. So here is a guide for you about the things to remember before you invest in LED high bay lights.

Analyze the Layout

The first thing to do before you purchase an LED high bay is analyze the layout of your setup as per your choice of LED high bay lights. This will vary depending on the type of space you own. An LED high bay with 30-foot candles of light intensity is usually enough for lighting up a storage room. However, to illuminate a warehouse uniformly, you may require 50-foot candles. A retail store may need even brighter lights so that all products are visible to the customers. Analyzing the layout plan before investing in LED high bay lights will help you ensure that you buy just the right lights.

Determine the Watts and Lumens Required

Wattage is the amount of electricity consumed by light while in use, and lumens are the measuring units for the amount of visible light produced by the lighting source. You need to determine both these things before making a final buying decision. Also, consider the size and height of your facility before investing in LED high bay lights. Remember that different watts of light are suitable for various heights.

Decide the Number of Lights Required

At this step, you need to prepare a layout and determine the lumens beforehand. Most lighting brands offer a free photometric layout, making it easier for you to decide the number of lights needed at your facility as well as the distance between each one of them. This pre-planning will help you avoid unnecessary installation of fixtures, thus saving you a large chunk of money.

Determine the Type of High Bay Lights Required

LED high bay lights are available in several designs. Hence, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your facility. Depending on their shape, they are divided into two sub-categories:

UFO bay lights are round, and linear lights are long. The latter are called panel-style high bays and provide superior light distribution. They are larger compared to UFO fixtures. UFO high bays are great for large warehouses and IP-rated wet locations. If the ceiling height is more than 35 feet, UFO high bay lights are your best option, as they offer better light output and beam spread.

Manage the Voltage of Lights

Your industrial setup may face an occasional need for high-voltage fixtures. However, this is rarely required when investing in LED high bay lights as they can automatically adjust to the incoming voltage. But most LED high bay lights come in the voltage ranges of 100-277V, 277- 480V, and 347- 480V.

To Sum Up

Other considerations include choosing the color temperature and the CRI. Remember that different application areas require different LED high bay lights. The above suggestions can come in handy when deciding between switching to high bay LED lights for your commercial or industrial facility so that you can illuminate your space appropriately.