Switching to LED- Benefits Galore

While HID or fluorescent systems fade and become yellow with time, LED lights keep their color temperature for years, providing more durable and high-quality light sources. For those who want to update to LED lighting but lack the funds to purchase new fixtures, retrofit kits for fluorescent conversion to LED contain all the assembly parts necessary to convert current fixtures.

No Lumen Bounce

Due to the omni-directional nature of metal halides or fluorescent bulbs, they emit light that is never seen as it keeps bouncing about inside the fixture. This light lost due to “Lumen bounce” is still included in the first Lumen rating on the box. On the other hand, the natural directed nature of LED’s prevents light from being trapped inside the fixture. This means that commercial LED retrofit kits suitable for fluorescent conversion to LED can be used as a direct replacement for older systems, even though the LED lights appear to emit less light on paper.

Conversion to LED

There are a variety of ways to convert fluorescent lights to LED. Here are the methods:

  1. Replacement with Magnetic LED Strips– Just like tubes, this is a less expensive solution than replacing the fixture as it eliminates the ballast and its associated energy consumption. Strips utilize an external driver, as opposed to the small driver integrated into an LED tube, which allows for improved ventilation and heat dissipation, resulting in higher strip life and dependability. Magnetic strips and drivers easily cling to metal fittings, allowing easier installation while freeing up both hands.
  2. Replacement with LED Retrofits- It is much less costlier than changing the entire fixture. Minor fixture rewiring is necessary to bypass the fixture’s ballast. Since the ballast accounts for around 10% of the energy consumed by the fixture, energy efficient of the fixture increases. Chances of ballast failures and light flickering are very low.
  3. Replacement with LED Panel Lights- This is the brightest alternative here and is most suitable for replacing fixtures visible on suspended grid ceilings.

Top Benefits of LED Retrofit Kits

  1. Batteries in LED lights are able to last for at least 90 minutes after loss of main power.
  2. Bi-level dimming increases energy savings and is easier to use than ever before by integrating a timer, an occupancy sensor, three-step dimming switches, and a photo sensor to determine the amount of ambient light around the fixture.
  3. With the inbuilt switch, users may select the lumen output and color temperature prior to installation.
  4. Very Easy to Install
  5. Illuminate Large Spaces

Increasing Visibility in Large Areas

White LEDs are perfect for lighting large areas and imparting an aura of grandeur. It is possible to connect these using large chains. These lights have qualities are excellent for environmental conservation and long-term cost savings. Due to the waterproof nature of these light fixtures, they can also be fitted in regions exposed to the outside environment, particularly on roadways.

The most commonly used colors for LED retrofit light kits are cold white, warm white, and pure white.