Six Different Types of Commercial LED Lighting

LED commercial light fixtures

Let’s be real: businesses thrive not just because of the products they offer, but also because of the visibility inside their manufacturing facility. How will you work efficiently if there is no proper lighting? When the lighting is poor, you can’t study efficiently. Similarly, poor lighting affects the productivity of the workers in an industrial setting as well.

Commercial spaces require proper lighting which basically means they need commercial LED lighting. Commercial environments include restaurants, retail stores, offices, and so on. A commercial facility cannot be dark and dull otherwise the business will go down. Why? Workers cannot work productively in a dingy and dark space.

In this quick post, we will talk about the 6 different types of LED commercial light fixtures. Let’s take a look!

#1 Landscape Lighting

Enhancing the visibility in the outdoor area is crucial. And that’s when landscape lighting comes into the picture. The lighting industry has now come up with landscape lighting which illuminates the areas outside and makes daily life convenient.

#2 Recessed Lights

A light fixture goes into a hollow opening in the ceiling. Once it is installed, you get light that is shining from the ceiling hole.

The fixture focuses on giving light in a downward direction. So, it’s a narrow spotlight used in showrooms and other spaces. LED recessed troffers are one of the best lighting fixtures.

#3 LED flood lights

Flood lights produce high-intensity lighting. Any landscape, vista, or path can be illuminated with these LED flood lights, so it is indeed a good option.

There are two kinds of flood lights – directional and area flood lights. These flood lights are mostly used in sports stadiums.

#4 LED warehouse lighting

The warehouse seems to be dingy and dark, and that’s why warehouse lighting is required.

The light produces enough light to illuminate the area. Thus, workers can work efficiently without worrying too much about the light source.

#5 LED shoebox lights

When you wish to illuminate streets or other dark paths, LED shoebox lights are recommended. These lights are placed on a pole, so it gives enough light in a larger area.

#6 Cleanroom luminaires

There is one more commercial light called the, ‘cleanroom luminaire.’ It is used in food production and pharmaceutical industries. These are dust-free and very easy to clean as well.

The uniform light dispersion makes this a good choice for those who wish to illuminate the industrial area, specifically the food production and pharmaceutical industry.

Concluding Thoughts

Now that you are aware of the kind of commercial lights that are available, it will be easy to pick one for your factory, vicinity, and so on.

You also need to pick the right manufacturer for these commercial lights. It has to be high-quality and efficient! When choosing a commercial lighting manufacturer, make sure you check the ratings, reviews, and their offerings. What kind of commercial lights do they produce?

Find out everything about the manufacturer and then put all the eggs in one basket.