Mistakes to Avoid When Switching to Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting

Switching to Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting

As modern businesses become increasingly focused on increasing the energy efficiency quotient for their commercial buildings, they are actively looking for eco-friendly approaches and sustainable practices in their working operations and premises. One of these approaches is switching to LED commercial lighting. So, before you order commercial LED exterior lighting, know about these pitfalls to avoid before switching to LED lighting fixtures.

According to the top manufacturers, switching to LED-based commercial lighting solutions has multiple benefits. Along with energy efficiency, these solutions ensure a higher return on investment (ROI) and help reduce initial expenses through reduced electricity and maintenance bills. Hence, many commercial spaces order commercial LED exterior lighting due to the various benefits they offer.

They also help in improving the workspace environment. They can be compatible with smart lighting solutions for connected and smart lighting. However, it would help if you make informed decisions when switching to LED lighting in commercial space. So here are some common mistakes people make when switching to commercial LED lighting solutions.

Buying Lights That Are Too Dark or Too Light

It is crucial that you determine the brightness requirements of a space and then purchase commercial LED exterior lighting. The leading manufacturers recommend comparing the lumen levels before replacing your old lighting solutions, as it will provide a better understanding of the brightness an LED light will provide.

Buying LED Lights with Varied Light Distribution

Since most LED lights are typically designed to generate more directional light output, it is suggested that you consider specifications like beam angle and light distribution before deciding on the LED lights. This will help ensure that the expected light output complements your space and appropriate light distribution.

Buying Light That Hinder Color Appearance

LED lights are available in different brightness levels and various colors. But it would help if you compared the CRI of the to-be-replaced old lights with the new LED lights. This is especially true when the same environment needs to be maintained. Moreover, the lighting will also greatly influence the color appearance of the elements in the space. Hence, make sure that you choose lights that can render the right colors, especially in the parking lots.

Lack of Planning

Make sure you survey your property and consider all the areas where you would like lighting. You may also draw a map of your property to plan more strategically. It would help if you had a clear idea of how many lights you want, how big they should be, and where you want to place them.

Installing in Wrong Locations

Installing your lights in the right area is critical to having a perfect light situation around your property. Make sure you install LED light fixtures in dark places like back doors, backyard entrances, front doors, etc.

The Bottom Line

So apart from these, it is also suggested that you pick LED lights that are compatible with the lighting control. Avoid buying local and inferior quality LED fixtures from lesser-known suppliers in order to get the best illumination possible. Look for the top LED light suppliers who can guarantee durability and efficiency.

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