Low Bay Vs. High Bay Fixtures: Highlighting the Differences

Are you aware of bay lights? If yes, that’s great, but if not, let’s quickly tell you what these are!

A bay light is used for illuminating a large space, especially one with a high ceiling. The application includes commercial buildings, gymnasiums, retail locations, etc.  You will get two options when purchasing low-bay and high bay light fixtures.

The question is – Which one should you be buying?

First, you need to know the difference between the two, and then you can select one accordingly. Use this quick post as a little guide to help you understand which light fixture to purchase. In this post, we will be sharing the differences between low-bay and high-bay light fixtures.

Low-bay Vs. High-Bay Light Fixtures: Understanding the Difference

Low-bay and high-bay light fixtures illuminate larger areas, and both are mounted on a high ceiling. They provide strong light and also reduce glare.

The ceiling height helps you understand the difference between the two. For example, low-bay fixtures are placed between 12 to 20 ft height, whereas high-bay light fixtures can be placed on a 20 to 45 feet high ceiling.

The strength of these lighting fixtures is also different. For example, low-bay light is within 100 watts, whereas high-bay may exceed 100 watts. Also, the light fixtures have other hanging methods too. For instance, low-bay lighting is hung with hooks and chains. It’s suspension mounted. High-bay lighting can be suspended from the ceiling using a chain, pendant, or hook. It’s like a troffer light.

The difference in the Manufacturing Process.

The manufacturing process differs for each type. For example, low-bay lighting fixtures include lenses or reflectors for spreading enough light and reducing overall glare.

On the other hand, high-bay light fixtures require special reflectors that are made of prismatic components or aluminum. There are different varieties of high-bay lights. These can be used in induction, LED, fluorescent, and metal halide light fixtures.

High-bay light fixtures have multiple applications, including manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums, warehouses, industrial facilities, recreation centers, community centers, commercial buildings, airport hangars, etc.

How Do You Choose The Right Kind of Bay Lighting?

Low-bay and high-bay lighting fixtures are popular in both industrial and commercial spaces. If you are thinking about choosing one, it will depend on the area or region where they will be mounted or the level of brightness you need.

Knowing the difference between the two types of fixtures will help you choose the best one. So, use this article to understand the differences and then decide.

Both are useful, but the choice will depend on where to place them and how much brightness is required. So, choose accordingly.