A Buyer’s Guide for LED High Bay Lights

LED High Bay Lights

LED High Bay fixtures are used to illuminate large areas with high ceilings. They are usually installed in areas with a ceiling height of 12 feet and above. It is an ideal solution when larger interior spaces need illumination. But you need to pick the right type of high bay lights for providing uniform and natural illumination. This post will help you buy high bay lights that are right for your needs.

Lighting Standards

  • Retail store: Retail stores need bright lights to attract more customers. A minimum of 500 lux will be required on the ground to illuminate the retail store.
  • Warehouses: Warehouses that are used for transmission and storage require 200 lux light. But if it includes the work area, then you need to buy high bay lights of 300 lux.
  • Workshops: High-precision machining workshops must have 500 lux of illumination so that the work environment for workers is improved. Ordinary machining workshops usually require 300 lux.

Type of LED High Bay Light

High bay lights can be of varying shapes like round, elongated, or rectangular. The round ones are called UFO high bay lights, while the others are referred to as linear high bay lights. LED lighting allows a lot of light in a small unit, which means that the lighting distribution has little to do with the shape. Hence, you can choose it as per your preference.

  • Round high bay lights: These are the easiest to install as they only need to be hung at a point. They are ideal for high ceilings due to their outstanding performance, round design, heavy-duty structure, and powerful beams.
  • Linear high bay lights: These are linear structured luminaires that can be seen in almost every grocery store and warehouse. They are great for larger buildings since they light up more space at once. They are long-wide and thin and can be installed on aisles and shelves.

Wattage and Lumens

High bay lights come in different wattages, but you need to focus on lumens. You can choose high bay fixtures depending on the height. So, different heights will have different watts. 12000-15000 lumens are ideal for a height of 12-16 feet with a wattage of 80-100 W, while 25000-36000 lumens with a wattage of 160-240W is perfect for a height of 25-35 feet.

Spacing Between Lights

This is an important factor when choosing LED high bay lights. For a 15-foot height, a 12-foot spacing distance is okay for high brightness and uniform light. For 20 feet of height, 15 feet of spacing, 25 feet of height, 20 feet of spacing, and 30 feet of height, a spacing of 25 feet can work well.

Lighting Distribution

Many warehouses have long and narrow aisles. If the 110-degree distribution is used, it can cause a lot of light to shine above the shelves. Lighting distribution is very important for high bay lights. A distribution of 110-120 degrees is not suitable for warehouse lighting.

Lighting design reference

Once you have decided on the wattage, lighting distribution, and spacing between lights, you need to determine how many lights you need. This number depends on the size of the space and lighting requirements. You can also create a lighting simulation to calculate how many fixtures are needed for your space.


You must stay updated with the right guidelines when it comes to industrial lighting. The above points will help you get an idea of the perfect industrial lighting solution using LED high bay lights.