LED Commercial Exterior Lights: Why It is a Great Option for Parking Lots?

commercial exterior lighting

Commercial parking lot lights are used for the safety of employees, customers, or neighbors. Installing LED commercial exterior lighting is one of the most important safety measures for your parking lot’s security. It impacts the general public’s first and last impression of any business. Remember that a poorly illuminated parking lot could send the wrong message to the public. And hence you must invest in high-quality commercial parking LED lights.

LED commercial exterior lighting fixtures are great for parking lots, pathways, and driveways. Depending on the need, they can be mounted on poles of various heights. You can also use a single pole for multiple lighting fixtures. Illuminating the parking area with the right lighting is important for vehicle and pedestrian use and attracting significant customers to your business. LED lights are extremely high-quality, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-saving.

One of the major reasons why people invest in LED lights for their parking lots is their light quality. Metal halide lights require a lot of repair and maintenance and are expensive. But high-quality LED parking lot lights can help you avoid such costs as they require little maintenance. Their superior light quality helps prevent accidents by offering clear vision when getting or leaving the premises. They also improve the security of the business premises since a well-lit parking area can keep away individuals with criminal intentions. Moreover, a dimly lit parking space can negatively impact customers since most people stay away from dimly lit areas, especially parking lots, for safety reasons.

Commercial-grade lights are designed for use in businesses and other places with high traffic, like schools and shopping malls. Commercial parking LED lights can last much longer than their residential counterparts. They use high-quality components like better-quality LED modules, LED drivers, and heat sinks. Teh commercial parking lot LEDs also have a lifespan of 50000-100000 hours, hence a much longer lifespan, which is perfect for parking lots.

Commercial exterior lighting fixtures are also very flexible and can be easily maintained and repaired. This feature allows them to be reliable for extended periods. Most of these lighting system manufacturers offer technical support to the customers and answer technical questions about the coverage area, safety, aesthetic consideration, and comfort. You also get a warranty on these. The manufacturer also ensures that the customers get service correction or replacement for any issue. Some of them even come with warranties of 10 years.

How to Buy The Right Ones?

  • Brightness: ensure that the lights provide the level of brightness that your parking space requires. Pay close attention to lighting consistency and color.
  • Light Kelvin color: parking lots require a warmer color.
  • Efficiency: determine the efficiency of the lights and note how much light is generated per watt.
  • Lifespan: the lifespan of commercial exterior lighting can vary greatly. So check for a longer lifespan.
  • Costs: come up with a reasonable budget while also considering the quality of the light fixtures.
  • Aesthetics: go for aesthetically appealing commercial parking lot LED lights.

Summing Up

These are some of the most important things you need to know about commercial LED exterior lights before you make a final buying decision.

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