Know the Types of Commercial Indoor LED Lighting Fixtures on offer

Commercial lighting fixtures

LED technology has taken the world by storm over the past decade. It has completely dominated the lighting industry and has become a primary choice for residential, commercial, indoor, and outdoor applications. Indoor commercial lighting fixtures have a wide range of operations and are available in various types of fixtures. This post will show the different types of LED commercial indoor fixtures.

UFO High Bay Lights

These are durable round-shaped lighting fixtures. They help in focused lighting from ceilings 15 feet and higher. These indoor LED commercial lighting fixtures are mostly used in warehouses, workshops, and commercial gyms.

Linear High Bay Lights

These are suspended rectangular-shaped fixtures capable of projecting a wide area of light from ceiling heights, usually around 15-30 feet.

Drop Ceiling Lights

These come in square and rectangular shapes and emit soft light, ideal for work environments. They are commonly applicable in offices, hallways, and other workplaces.

Suspended LED Lights

These fixtures come with a hook mount and can be easily hung from ceilings, thus giving them excellent adaptability to various installation scenarios. Suspended LED fixtures feature a broad beam pattern that provides excellent illumination for warehouses, retail stores, and general-purpose lighting needs.

Commercial LED Retail Lights

These fixtures are designed to be suspended from high ceiling heights above 20 feet. LED retail lights provide intense lumen outputs and are commonly used in warehouses, storage facilities, and auto shops.

Vapor Proof Lights

These LED fixtures are perfect for areas with moisture issues or accidental water splashes. They are sealed from weather and dust ingress and are thus commonly used in commercial kitchens, entryways, auto shops, etc.

Recessed Troffer Lights

These are installed in the ceiling’s opening, hidden from view, and tucked away inside the ceiling. They have a very low heat emission and are thus one of the most popular commercial LED lighting fixtures for business settings.

Task Lights

Task lights can be easily installed and enable workers to complete specific tasks. These LED light fixtures are suitable in working environments to highlight particular areas and also allow enhanced productivity. Task lights provide highly concentrated illumination that can be adjusted to give focus to a precise area of space.

LED Track Lighting Fixtures

This is usually used for mounting adjustable commercial LED lighting fixtures. They come with electrical conductors that power the entire track and eliminate the need to wire individual fixtures directly. This lighting can be positioned in various ways and is commonly used in ceilings and walls of offices, galleries, etc.

Indoor LED Panels

These are one of the best options for lighting up large offices and commercial spaces. LED panels can illuminate a large area without requiring much lighting and electricity. They are thin and easy to install, even on shallow ceilings. These lighting fixtures also reduce eye fatigue since they do not cast a harsh glare, thus making them safe for office environments where people work long hours.

Bottom Line

These are various types of commercial indoor LED lighting fixtures that you should know about. If you plan to buy any of these, make sure you look for a supplier that offers durable, high-quality, and easy-to-install LED fixtures that can last for much longer and provide effective lighting solutions.

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