What are Explosion Proof Light Fixtures?

Explosion proof light fixture

When you work in an explosive or chemical environment, it is unsafe to operate without safety gear. The workers wear gloves, protective eyewear, full-sleeved clothing, and other equipment that protects them from all hazards. But wearing safety gear isn’t enough. The industry owner has to also invest in explosion-proof lighting.

You can get explosion-proof lighting in these organizations to ensure everyone’s safe and plenty of light for good working conditions. Usually, these spaces have explosion-proof cameras, so installing lights will also be an extra layer of protection. Why take the risk? It can be explosive for you if you don’t follow these basics.

The question is – What are explosion-proof lights? Since you’re here, please read this post as we share what an explosion-proof light fixture is.

The Definition of Explosion Proof Lighting

These types of lights or enclosures can contain sparks that may arise inside. It helps prevent any explosion when it comes in contact with an explosive gas or material. Explosion-proof doesn’t mean the lights will resist explosives or explosions. They are just built in a way to prevent any accidents if the environment is hazardous.

The safety lights are enclosed in a stainless steel or aluminium frame. The sturdy casing is not the only positive aspect; the thick glass protects it from leaks and cracks.

Why Should You Invest in Explosion-Proof Lighting?

Explosion-proof lighting is ideal for hazardous environments, especially for industries that deal with gas, oil, and pharmaceuticals. If you install these lights in the industrial area, you can decrease the chances of explosions. But, they are not fit for a residential space.

While fire brigades are everywhere, and they reach the site soonest, you have to be cautious that these accidents don’t happen.

The Best Features of an Explosion-Proof Lighting Fixture

Explosion-proof lighting fixtures have a robust frame that does not cause any spark if it comes in contact with explosive gases. A usual light will have a bulb inside, some wiring, and connections.

There is no airtight sealing, but the protective casing prevents any spark from avoiding damage. Employees work in a hazardous environment, so this is what the industry owner can do to ensure their safety and well-being.

Another feature that makes this light a good option is durability. It is durable because the lighting fixture is made with robust materials. Did you know that explosion-proof industrial light fixtures consume 90% less energy? That’s great news because you want your energy bills to be low.

Explosion-proof light fixtures are safe, functional, and reliable for industry usage. You will have plenty of light to work in and fewer chances of catching fire.

Workers rely on you for a safe environment to work. The usual lights in the house and commercial spaces are unsuitable for industrial areas. Consider investing in explosion-proof industry lights. You will get a variety of these. Always remember that such lights are not meant for aesthetics. They should be functional, and you will get a good deal with the explosion-proof feature.