Tips for Choosing High Bay Industrial Lights

Tips for Choosing High Bay Industrial Lights

High bay lighting is fixtures that are mounted to the ceiling of a building to display down beams of light. LED high bay lights produce the perfect amount of illumination when properly installed. If you want to buy industrial light fixtures, then LED high bay lights will be one of your best options for industrial uses.

However, finding the right lighting for your location and needs can be a daunting task, especially if you have a high ceiling, as it requires an optimized high bay lighting layout, which is designed for the unique height to achieve powerful and even illumination. Getting the wrong ones could be a waste of money as you would be spending too much on fixtures as well as your utility bill. So before you buy industrial light fixtures, know these tips for purchasing high bay lighting products so that you receive the right solutions for your location.

Check the Ceiling Height

This is the most important step when buying high-ba LED lights. Make sure you check the ceiling height for high bay lighting. The ceiling should be at least 16 feet or higher from the floor to require high bay lighting. If the ceiling is under this mark, you can use ordinary LED commercial lights or low bay lights rather than a high bay.

Check the Fixture Type

After you have measured your ceiling height, know that your location requires high bay LED lighting. When buying high bay light fixtures, check if the fixture is specified as a high bay. If you install regular light instead of high bay lighting fixtures because you think the lumen count will be enough for the space, then you may not get the desired result. Keep in mind that high bay lights are designed with certain specifications, which include reflectors to ensure downlight cast on the floor, high lumen output, and other similar considerations that make them an ideal choice for higher ceilings, especially those found in industries.

Check the Lumen Output of Each High Bay Lighting Fixture

Lumen output will tell you how bright the fixture is. It is of utmost importance when it comes to LED high bay lighting fixtures. Higher lumens mean brighter light for your space. Remember that the fixture will be placed very high, which requires a higher lumen count in order to ensure proper illumination reaches the floor. The right lumen output will depend on your space. Nevertheless, high bay light fixtures are certainly the brightest choice for high ceilings in need of powerful illumination.

Check Different Light Fixtures Based on the Space

High bay light fixtures were previously limited in their design options. But today, they have expanded considerably. You can now find a wide range of high bay fixture types available, like recessed dome lights, recessed troffers, mounted explosion-proof lighting solutions, etc. So be careful when considering the different kinds of LED high bay lighting fixtures for choosing the right layout and look for your facility.

Summing Up

There are a lot of reasons why you should opt for LED high bay lighting fixtures over the options available. LEDs offer the highest lumen output with the lowest watts of energy consumed. Hence, they can give you a powerful and bright lighting solution without having to spend a ton on utilities. They also offer more options in terms of Solar temperature and color rendering index.

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