Benefits of LED Pole Lights

led pole lights

Light-emitting diode (LED) technology has drastically altered interior and external lighting. These LED lights have doubled the lifespan of typical HID lamps, reduced energy costs, and improved illumination quality.

In this piece, Let’s look at four convincing reasons why you should utilize led pole lights in your parking lot applications.

Savings On Energy

The energy cost is a key line item in the monthly budget of any large enterprise. Even slight reductions in energy use in each fixture can have a significant impact on total spending. Regarding LED parking lot lights, the most popular wattages vary from 40 to 60 watts.

When we look at the same wattage for HID parking lot lights, the range is 400 to 1000 watts. So we can see that simply switching from HID to LED results in a 40%-60% reduction in energy usage. In terms of money, this implies that your facility might save up to $300 per fixture per year in power expenditures alone.

Performance Of The Lighting

The performance of your parking lot and surrounding lighting is crucial. It is critical that your customers feel comfortable in your parking lot and that they have enough sight while they stroll and drive about.

LEDs, in terms of lighting performance, disperse their light via a multipoint design, resulting in a very uniformly distributed light pattern on the desired surface.

This implies that when the distance from the pole or fixture changes, the light levels across a given area fluctuate less.

HIDs, on the other hand, generate a “bright spot” just beneath the fixture, with light levels diminishing dramatically as one moves away from the pole. LEDs can help to solve this problem by distributing light evenly. After implementing an LED retrofit, the foot candle distribution becomes more equal.

Finally, because of the uniform dispersion of light, LEDs are available in a variety of colour temperatures, providing a variety of possibilities for increasing the optical experience of “brightness.”

Reduction Of Maintenance Costs

Switching to LED can cut maintenance expenses in addition to considerable energy savings. Because of the way LEDs create light, the manner they evolve through their useful life differs greatly from that of their HID counterparts.

Rather than stopping to operate when a fuel supply is drastically decreased, LED-generated light output declines extremely slowly over time. As a result, the functional life of an LED product may be substantially longer than that of a HID Lamp…which drastically decreases the expenses of maintaining a parking and area fixture over time.


Finally, illumination and safety are inextricably linked. A poorly illuminated parking lot can and frequently does result in avoidable harm.

You may reduce this danger by enhancing the performance of your lights using LED technology. By ensuring that guests have a high level of visibility, you avoid the possibility of litigation arising from a poorly illuminated parking lot.


Finally, you can observe the practical advantages of LED pole lights for parking lots. Energy expenses will be reduced dramatically (40% to 60% is a reasonable assumption), maintenance costs will be diminished, and lighting performance will improve overall.