Benefits of LED Lighting

Benefits of LED Lighting

Choosing the good lighting is important in your office. Lighting affects productivity, health of eyes, finances due to electricity bills and even the environment. There are various options in the market when you go out to get lighting for your indoor or outdoor spaces. Invented in 1962, LED bulbs were expensive at first and didn’t become a popular choice until the early 2000s. However, why did LED retrofit bulbs become popular? Why is it that today everyone prefers and chooses LED lighting? Here we discuss the benefits of LED lighting.

No heat or UV Emission

If you have noticed the tube light or bulb in your house emits heat and the small area around the lighting gets really heated up. Invisible to the human eye, regular lighting also emits UV rays which is harmful for us. Light emitting diodes or LED lighting is better because it neither emits heat nor UV rays. Especially when it comes to lighting certain kinds of art works where the lighting is close to the art piece and the material of the art piece is harmed by UV rays, LED lighting comes in very handy and useful.

Better for Environment

LED bulbs and tubelights are manufactured and at the end of their life span, discarded in relatively environment friendly ways whereas the other lighting options use mercury and can be very toxic for the environment both at manufacturing and discarding stages.

Long Lasting

LED lighting lasts longer than other light sources. When regular light bulbs might be lasting for a thousand hours, LED bulbs can last upto 50,000 hours and more. This helps you financially because the replacement as well as maintenance costs get cut down drastically compared to the other light sources.

Better Efficiency

This is one of the very visible benefits. You could simply observe a room lit up with regular light and another room lit up with LED light and you will notice that the room lit up with LED light is brighter than the other one. LED bulbs and tubelights provide better lighting and efficiency because of its advanced technology.

Low Voltage

LED bulbs and tubelights can run on very low voltages. In case you are located in an area where there are high chances of flooding or such situations and you need light sources that keep running with low voltages, LED lighting is your solution.

LED lights are easy on the eyes as well. Your eyes will not feel stressed or tired when you are utilizing LED bulbs or tube lights. LED lighting costs less and provides more. Don’t wait anymore, replace all the lights in your office with LED bulbs and tube lights and see the great reduction in your electricity bills and enjoy all the benefits of LED lighting. To get the best LED retrofit bulbs and more you can visit our website or give us a call. Contact us for all the lighting needs of yours.