The Benefits of Commercial Exterior Lighting: A Simple Guide

Benefits of Commercial Exterior Lighting

If your building needs more-light, but you don’t want to invest in expensive electrical wiring or plumbing fixtures, then commercial exterior lighting may be perfect for the job. These lights are designed specifically with large volumes of traffic in mind and can create a beautiful ambiance at night without drawing too much attention from workers on-site during the daytime hours!

Choosing the proper commercial exterior lighting for your business is crucial. Not only is it an investment in your brand, but it can also improve energy efficiency. Not only that, but commercial exterior lighting can also improve security. Here are some tips on selecting commercial exterior wall mounted lighting:

LED Spot commercial exterior wall mounted lighting

Wall sconces add visual punch to exterior walls and give your business an extra level of security. LED lighting provides a backbone for your entire system without costing money. You can choose between wall sconces and downlights.

Landscape lighting

The benefits of commercial exterior lighting are numerous, but not the least is safety. Lighting the entire property and exterior areas can deter thieves, improve security, and increase visibility. Exterior lighting can enhance your business’s safety and security, but it can also attract late-night customers and add an extra layer of security. If you are not sure how to improve your property’s security, contact professionals. They can design a custom lighting system for your business that can incorporate both motion sensors and timers to ensure your property is well-lit at all times.

Good lighting will also enhance outdoor activities. For example, a properly lit front and backyard are ideal for entertainment and relaxation. The evening might involve a delicious meal outside, a bonfire with friends, and a warm welcome for guests. A well-lit exterior sets the scene for these kinds of experiences. If you’re looking for a way to enhance your property’s safety and security, consider installing landscape lighting.

Energy efficiency

A significant part of a building’s energy budget is consumed by outdoor lighting, and energy-efficient options are crucial for reducing power costs. Plug-in hybrid lighting systems enable facility managers to control power usage and reduce the facility’s overall energy footprint. This system also reduces lighting costs and increases the safety of employees and customers.

In addition to saving money on electricity, choosing energy-efficient exterior lighting will improve your brand image. Consider outdoor lighting options and your signage, such as LEDs. Stylish, illuminated signage is a great way to draw attention and attract customers. Commercial LED fixtures have directional capabilities to illuminate walkways more efficiently and add eye-catching accents to your building. Using occupancy sensors and photosensors to control the lighting is another way to increase security and energy efficiency. These devices detect movement and ambient light.


Proper commercial exterior lighting can provide the necessary deterrence against petty theft and criminal activities. In addition to illuminating exterior areas, proper lighting can help prevent break-ins by dissuading would-be criminals from entering an area. The most effective lighting options are floodlights and spotlights. Floodlights provide high-quality illumination to a wide area, while spotlights illuminate landscapes and exterior walls.

Final Take

Commercial exterior lighting provides increased safety for visitors. Proper lighting deters petty criminals, as they will avoid well-lit businesses. Furthermore, better lighting makes your business easier to locate at night, which is crucial if it is located in a remote area or is open late at night. Furthermore, it is easier for security personnel to see visitors who might try to steal from your business. Call 800-988-6386 for more information.