Benefits Of A Troffer Light

Troffer light

A troffer light is a square or rectangular light fixture that commonly fits into a modular dropped ceiling grid, sometimes called a “recessed” grid. Troffer fixtures have traditionally been built to handle ordinary fluorescent lights such as T12 or T8 bulbs. However, LED troffer lighting is now available. LED troffers outlast fluorescent lamps and do not lose Lumens as rapidly, requiring less maintenance.

LED troffer light that keeps at least 70% of their initial Lumens for 100,000 hours is commonly available. LEDs also use less electricity than traditional lighting options, allowing you to save money on energy bills. To avoid complications with ballasts, our LED troffers work offline power through direct wire installation. The three main advantages of implementing this technology in your institution are discussed below.

Maintenance Cost Savings

Compared to typical fluorescent troffer lights, how LEDs emit light and go through their useful life results in a substantially longer working life. LED troffer lifespan ranges from 50,000 to 150,000 hours, with a manufacturer guarantee of up to ten years.

Because LED light fixtures are not harmed by many on/off cycles, maintenance costs are lower in areas where LED ceiling lights are employed. End users anticipate saving up to $2,952 in maintenance costs for a typical warehouse or commercial lighting area with several 2×4 LED troffers over three years.

Savings On Energy

LED lighting may significantly reduce the amount of power consumed by your building or organization. Regarding wattages, a standard 2×4 fluorescent troffer light may use up to 160 watts per fixture. When we look at the identical institution using LED technology instead, we observe that it uses between 30 and 50 watts per fixture. Simply switching to LED leads to a 50% to 80% decrease in cost savings.

To put it another way, switching to LED lighting may save you up to $81 per fixture per year in energy expenditures alone. Depending on the size of your institution, this might quickly mount up.

Lighting Efficiency

While minimizing energy and maintenance expenses is crucial to keeping companies efficient, it is equally critical to ensure that the lighting performance is not impaired.

LEDs are in a class of their own in this regard. LEDs diffuse light differently, placing a more even-foot candle on the space underneath. Furthermore, LED troffers are available in various CCTs (correlated color temperature), allowing end users to choose a certain aesthetic appeal for a given space. A high CRI (color rendering index) means that everyone working in LED lights can see what they are doing clearly.

Another advantage of LED troffers is their capacity to be dimmed. This advancement represents a significant improvement for end users, as they may now adjust the operating conditions following their LED retrofit and swiftly adapt to the use demands of different rooms or areas without impacting the operation of the LED lights themselves.


In conclusion, you can see that using LED troffer lights has energy consumption advantages, maintenance benefits, and overall lighting performance benefits. Contact an indoor lighting solution if you want to learn more about the return on investment of a lighting retrofit. We would be delighted to create a free evaluation for you and your team.