What Are The Benefits of Using LED Troffer Lighting?

Troffer light

LED troffer lights are a great choice for any location that needs powerful lighting for a large area while keeping the fixtures out of the discreet. An LED troffer light offers a concentrated light source and makes the space look attractive. It is ideal for any residential or commercial application. These are mostly indoor lighting fixtures and can be mounted on ceilings or ceiling grids. Their typical fixture sizes are 1 X 4 troffers, 2X2 troffers, and 2X4 troffers.

LED Troffer lights offer a range of benefits over traditional fluorescent troffer lighting since there are specific performance elements that lead to some operational advantages. Let us have a look at some of the benefits.

Energy Cost Reductions

LED troffers range in wattage from 22 to 50 watts, thus resulting in a 40 to 60 percent reduction in energy consumption. Their amazing wattage range is due to the need and ability to adapt to the many applications that exist for conventional recessed applications.

Maintenance Cost Reductions

Since an LED troffer light has a much different operation, it has a much longer functional life than fluorescent lights. Their lifetime ranges from 50,000 to 1,50,000 hours, and some even have up to a 10-year manufacturer warranty. LED troffer light fixtures are also not negatively affected by the frequent on/off cycles. All of these factors contribute to reducing the overall maintenance cost of the lights.

Lighting Performance

LED troffer fixtures provide major performance improvements over fluorescent light fixtures. They provide an even distribution of light and foot candles. Their amazing ability to dim allows the end users to change the operating conditions after their LED retrofit and quickly adapt to the usage needs of individual rooms without compromising on functionality. Since LED troffer lights are available in a wide range of correlated color temperatures (CCT), the end users can select a specific aesthetic for a given space. Their high CRI also ensures that anyone working under the light can see what they are working on.

No Fluorescent Tubes

Apart from other drawbacks of fluorescent lights, the most concerning one are the use of mercury, which is a major pollutant and causes health problems. It is also very difficult to remove from the earth if it enters a dump or a landfill. There are no such issues with LED troffer lights since no fluorescent tube means no use of mercury.

To Sum Up

LED troffer lights have become a necessity these days, owing to their advantages in the long run. They are a smart modification for the office atmosphere and provide excellent control over the kind of light and set the ambiance.

LED troffer lighting has several advantages over conventional lighting sources, including low maintenance and blending into the ceiling. These lamps are also less prone to glare than other lighting sources. These benefits are a few reasons many businesses have chosen this technology.

LED troffers are also available in various sizes and colors. They are typically half an inch thick but can reach up to three inches in some cases. They are also ETL and UL listed for commercial use. Unlike traditional fluorescent troffers, LED lights are low-maintenance and low-energy, and the fixtures are quick and easy to install.

LED troffer lighting is also cheaper than fluorescent lighting. They are available in a variety of sizes, and they are ideal for drop ceilings. They also provide better lumen output with lower wattage. They also feature a higher CRI for clear visibility.

LED troffers are the most energy-efficient lighting option. They use approximately three times less energy than their fluorescent counterparts. LED troffers are more durable and will last for several years with optimum performance.