Amazing Uses of Lamp Post Lighting

Post top lights are outdoor lighting solutions that are commonly mounted on poles along roads, paths, or in parks. They are also popular in commercial and educational campuses. They are decorative and provide lighting to areas with high foot traffic or parking spaces to increase safety. These lights are usually placed at a height of 7 to 20 feet, and multiple light fixtures can be mounted on a single pole. But illumination is not the only purpose of lamp posts; the functions of outdoor lamp posts are endless, some of which are listed below.

1.    Illumination

The most basic use of outdoor lamps is this, to provide illumination. Installing lamps outside allows pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers to find their way in the dark. The lamp posts can be installed at different heights for different needs and types of lamps. For instance, pedestrian paths could have lamps at a lower height and closer and main roads at increased height further away from each other for a better spread of light. 

2.    Enhance Security

No one is comfortable being in the dark. It can be a scary experience and increases the chances of crime. Good lighting directly relates to your mood and makes you feel safe. By setting lampposts, you prevent crime and improve the area's security. Statistically 

3.    Reduce Accidents

Places that do not have enough street lighting often have relatively high accident rates. Even with the light from your vehicle, the visibility is limited. It is difficult to identify obstacles and, thus, vehicle crashes. With lamp posts, the illumination provided increases the visibility and thus reduces accidents. The lighting is also consistent; it broadens the driver’s sight and lowers the blind spots making the driver feel at ease on the road. 

4.    Beautification 

Of course, installing decorative post top lights can add to the beauty of the landscape. They provide pleasant lighting for walks in the evening. Aesthetic lamp posts are often chosen to be placed in business establishments, parks, residential colonies, or government buildings. They are available in so many styles that making a decision could be very confusing. 

5.    Place to Attach Other Items 

Lamp posts are often used to hang or attach other items. These include plant baskets, banners, flags, signboards, advertisements, watches, etc. Some people also use lamp posts to lock their bikes and dogs when there is no designated place for them so that they are not stolen. Legally, you may need to get an attachment license from concerned authorities, or you may face penalties. 

6.    Integration of Smart Features 

A smart lamp post is the future of public illumination. With the technological enhancements taking place in the world, the lamp posts can be an excellent place to incorporate smart features. Smart Lamp posts can be used as charging points, monitoring sensors, Wi-fi stations, pollution sensors, and so much more. 

These are just seven uses of lamp posts; there are so many more. If you want to install post top lamps in your commercial or residential areas, we are here to help.