Affordable and Energy Efficient Lighting from an LED Retrofit Kit

Reputable lighting companies offer several retrofit options for different fluorescent and HID fixtures. With some kinds of retrofit kits, LED lights almost get rid of regular maintenance completely, as the kits make lights last for a very long period. For instance, if an LED retrofit kit is used for 12 hours a day, it can still last for more than 20 years.

Understanding the LED Retrofit Kit

An LED retrofit kit consists of an LED driver and an LED light panel fitted in a fixture to replace an inefficient light bulb with a more efficient LED lamp. It is called retrofitting because it incorporates new technologies or features into an existing system. A fluorescent retrofit kit, in particular, is a bundled collection of components designed to improve the performance and efficiency of an available fluorescent fixture.

Remodeling an old bulb or lighting fixture increases the illumination output and light temperature of light while releasing less heat. It directly translates into energy conservation, responsible for lower electricity bills at offices and homes. Retrofit kits provide the assembly hardware to convert existing lighting to LED, suitable for those without cash for buying brand new fixtures.

LED Retrofit Kits Do Not Turn Yellow

While fluorescent lamps and HID lights fade and become yellow with time, LED lights keep their color temperature intact for years, providing a higher-quality light that lasts longer. Because fluorescent bulbs or metal halides are omnidirectional, they emit light that is stuck bouncing around the inside of the fixture and never seen. This light lost due to “lumen bounce” is still included in the first lumen rating on the box.

No light is trapped within the fixture as LEDs are naturally directed. This means that commercial LED retrofit kits can be a straight replacement for older fixtures, even if the LED lights don’t appear to throw out as much light on paper.

New Lighting with a Huge Difference

Thanks to new lighting technology, lighting has never been smaller, lighter, or more efficient than it is now. Retrofit kits enable users to derive the benefits of LED light without replacing all lighting fixtures by using an LED lighting conversion kit. Furthermore, professional labor costs are reduced because the upgrading is generally as simple as changing a bulb.

Apart from this, LED lighting offers superior CRI, or Color Rendering Index. This means that upgrading for energy efficiency also gives a boost in terms of visibility.

Advantages of LED Lighting

With the shift towards LED technology being made today, it becomes helpful to know about the advantages of LED lighting technology. Here they are:

  • More energy efficiency with light available in different wavelengths
  • Unlike fluorescent lights, LED lighting technology does not give out UV light. Such light may be hard on fabrics and could cause eye problems.
  • Do not expect lights with LED retrofit kits to start flickering towards end of their lives

Large lighting fixtures in commercial areas can be retrofitted with LED kits for better illumination.