Advantages Of High Mast Lights

Advantages Of High Mast Lights

High mast lights or HMLs are used to provide light to large areas like shipyards, highways, large warehouses, stadiums, parking lots, etc. These lights are usually installed on 40-150 ft tall poles, with 4-6 lights attached on each of the poles. High mast lights are the best options for illuminating a large area as they are mounted at a considerable height to distribute the light uniformly.

The lights are primarily designed to provide an extended lighting coverage and also to minimize shadows that may occur when shorter poles are used. The poles have low density, creating fewer physical obstacles and improving safety. Since the expansive light distribution happens from a single assembly of luminaries, it helps in lighting large areas with minimum poles. This leads to wide pole spacing, less visual clutter, and improved visibility.

Using high mast light poles to co-locate other high masts equipment like cellular antennas and surveillance cameras can reduce the number of tall structures required in the area. Moreover, increasing the mounting height can allow far-reaching illumination with the use of high-power luminaries. This allows the high mast lights to be located away from traffic areas and high activity space, thus resulting in freer design conflicts with other elements. It also leads to efficient space utilization of the area.


Since most high mast poles use LED lights, it increases their longevity, and the process also ensures that the generated voltage degrades slowly and gradually. This helps extend the LED lights’ lifespan, making them cost and energy efficient. High mast lightings use lamps or halogens of high wattage, which reduces electricity bills.

Lighting performance

High lighting levels offer maximum coverage. This is one of the crucial benefits of high mast light poles, as they do not emit heat or infrared light. They also consume less electricity, thus making them energy efficient. The multi-point design of the high ly distributes light in different directions.

Environmentally friendly

Previously used HID lamps for high mast light poles were not environmentally friendly due to the generation of high-pressure sodium, mercury vapor, and metal halides. However, high mast LED lighting systems are free of any toxic gasses, thus making them harmless for the users and environment.


LEDs in high mast pole lighting make them an excellent investment for corporate solutions, mostly because the cost and time are saved due to the reduced need for maintenance.

Controlled heat emission

High mast pole lights generate a lot of heat from the floodlights. Also, they are the most potent lighting appliance that contributes to the temperature rising around the location where it is installed. But using LED lights restricts heat emission due to active thermal management.

To sum up

Due to these advantages of high mast LED lighting poles are widely used in industrial locations like petroleum refineries, chemical plants, warehouses, manufacturing units, parking lots, and freight terminals.

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