7 Benefits of LED Retrofit Bulbs

LED lights offer significant advantages over HID or fluorescent systems. Unlike HID or fluorescent bulbs that fade and turn yellow over time, LED lights maintain their color temperature for years, ensuring longer-lasting and higher-quality light output.

If you’re looking to upgrade to LED but have budget constraints preventing you from purchasing all-new fixtures, metal halide LED retrofit bulbs are an ideal solution. These retrofit bulbs come with all the necessary assembly hardware to convert your existing institutions, making the transition to LED easier and more cost-effective.

One drawback of fluorescent bulbs is that they emit Light in all directions, resulting in a significant portion of Light getting trapped and bouncing around inside the fixture. The stray Light, known as “Lumen bounce,” is still included in the initial Lumen rating on the packaging.

However, LEDs being naturally directional, do not trap any light inside the fixture. Therefore, even though the LED Light bulb may appear to produce less Light on paper, it can replace older systems, offering equivalent or even better illumination.

By upgrading to LED retrofit bulbs, you not only benefit from their long-lasting color quality and higher light output but also eliminate the inefficiencies caused by Light trapped within the fixture. Making LED retrofit bulbs an intelligent choice for residential and commercial lighting applications and providing improved lighting performance and energy efficiency.

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