4FT LED Light Fixtures: What Options Do You Have?

4FT LED Light

If you have decided to replace your current fluorescent lights with energy-efficient LED lights, then you have reached the right place. This post will help you begin with the process. You have an array of options available, and you need to choose the right one depending on how involved your retrofit plan for replacing fluorescent lights with LED is. You can get everything from quick, simple magnetic LED strip lights to full fixture replacements. You can find the perfect options for you. If you want to purchase 4ft LED light fixtures, let us see the various options available.

Linear strip LED lights can be mounted directly to a wall or other flat surface and provide ample lighting to workspaces, hallways, etc. Simple designs have a low profile and can direct light in different directions depending on the model. Most people purchase 4ft LED light fixtures due to their dependability, low cost, and ease of use. You can enjoy powerful lighting that can last for years in any environment you install them in. They provide a stylish look that can complement your decor well while also illuminating your way as best as possible.

4ft Magnetic LED Strip Lights

These are the simple retrofit options available. They can be installed within minutes and also fit right into the existing 4-foot fixtures. Using magnetic LED strip lights will only require you to remove the ballast and existing tubes. You don’t have to worry about disposing of your current fixtures. 4ft magnetic LED strip lights are a great option for a fast and painless lighting upgrade process.

4ft LED Tube Lights

This is another great option for retrofitting existing fixtures and switching to 4ft LED lights. They are dimmable tubes and, hence, can save you more money on energy bills each month than other strip kits. You can install them with some small modifications to your existing fixture. It is extremely easy to replace your existing fluorescent tubes with 4ft LED tube lights.

4ft Integrated LED Tubes

These are perfect if you want to install new LED lights without any fixtures or want to get rid of your fixtures entirely. 4ft integrated LED tubes are efficient and affordable integrated tubes and act as their independent fixtures with an attractive, slim, and modern profile. But you need to make sure that you get light in places where bulky fixtures would be an issue.

24X7 LED Panel Lights

If you are looking for a complete fixture replacement, 4ft LED lights for suspended ceilings can help you. The panels are edge-lit. This means that you will not experience the hot spots that you would with fluorescent tubes. These LED panel lights can also diffuse light evenly across their surface, thus offering a clean and polished look. They can offer excellent light coverage and are simple to install. They are also maintenance-free throughout their operating life, i.e.50000 hours.

To Sum Up

You can find linear LED lights in a variety of lengths and designs. Many of them are built without reflectors and are perfect for specific lighting applications. You can find a great match for your every requirement.