Outdoor Lighting

FWPC series LED Wall Mount

From 4,800 lm to 21,000 lm

Outdoor Lighting

FWPT series LED Wallpacks

From 4,200 lm to 22,000 lm

Outdoor Lighting

FWPR series LED Wall Lights

From 3,200 lm to 16,500 lm

LED wall packs are typically commercial outdoor light fixtures that are installed on the sides of buildings, parking garages, building walkways, and other places around commercial buildings. Not only do they provide energy efficient light but are also good security lights for business buildings making them a go to option in today's commercial lighting industry. LED wall pack lighting fixtures are designed primarily for security purposes. Their high quality light output makes them an ideal choice for illuminating difficult to observe areas that demand constant supervision. They can be triggered by a optional photo control switch, if customized accordingly. Built to sustain and last under harsh and humid weather conditions, exterior wall lights are the perfect choice for the toughest environments, providing great reliability every day. They also provide a low glare and are impact resistant, making them a great choice for just about any application.

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Wall pack lights are typically used for illuminating landscapes, parking lots, office complexes, warehouses and convenience stores. They work great as building security because they can be used with a photo control switchboard that enables timed control of the light switch to go off during daylight hours and automatically start up during night time. This saves energy and will ensure you only have lighting when you need it, allowing you to put your light fixtures out of mind. Standard HID wall packs are reflector based luminaries. This type of outdoor wall light fixture loses about 30% of the lamp's Lumens within the reflector and lamp through "Lumen bounce," meaning 30% of the light never escapes the fixture. Metal halide bulbs also lose Lumens quickly over time. In comparison, outdoor LED wall packs are directional and do not lose Lumen output in the same way. Because of this, an LED wall pack puts out a comparable amount and quality of light to replace a MH fixture that on paper has a much higher Lumen rating.