What Are Retrofit LEDs?

LED Retrofit bulb

Have you ever heard about Retrofit LEDs? If not, let’s give you a sneak peek of what they are along with the benefits of these lights.

LED retrofit bulbs are lights that are specifically designed to replace the old-school or traditional light sources being used earlier. You may have incandescent lamps installed currently, but retrofit LEDs are superior. And they fit into the existing fixtures or sockets too.

So, you might wonder what the name of these lights mean. What is retrofit, anyway? Retrofit means enhancing or modernizing the lights.

Now that you understand the gist of it, let’s take a look at some of the in-depth details about retrofit lights.

Not Your Usual Lights

The biggest advantage of LED retrofit lights is that they are reliable and durable. You can expect them to last for several years to come.

The usual bulbs do not offer these benefits. Moreover, LED retrofit bulbs require less wattage than the usual lamps, but they are quite bright.

Since these lights do not get too warm, there is a reduced risk of injury too. And yes, there are no toxic substances, so you can embrace an environment-friendly lighting option. It’s easy to talk about how the world is destroying the environment – but even you can contribute to save the planet. All you have to do is say yes to LED retrofit lights!

Why Should You Use Retrofit Lights?

Replacing the old bulbs with retrofit LED lighting is quite easy. The installation does not take much time. On second thought, the replacement is fairly easy and you won’t even need any professional intervention.

You can simply plug and play them when you like.

The Benefits of LED Retrofit Lights

When you get LED retrofit lights, you reap multiple benefits from them. Here’s a list of benefits you should check out:

  1. The energy bills will reduce – LED bulbs use 80 percent less energy than the usual halogen or incandescent bulbs.
  2. Different color options – You can get them in warm white or a blue daylight color temperature.
  3. Not much maintenance required – LED retrofit bulbs are quite durable. They will last about 10x more than the usual halogen or incandescent lights. This basically means you don’t have to keep changing your bulbs from time to time.

When choosing LED retrofit lights, you will reap all the benefits you do not get from usual lights. Moreover, we shouldn’t just talk about saving the environment – it should be our endeavor to save the planet through small ways.

With LED retrofit lights, you can reduce energy bills and skip the maintenance part for years. Replacing LED retrofit lights will be quite rare, so will save a lot of money.