Made to be incredibly durable and intended for the toughest of locations, vapor tight lights are designed with well-gasketed housings of rust resistant metal and sturdy lenses. The design of the fixture means they are dustproof, waterproof, and protected from hazardous vapors or gasses which makes them a great fit for a wide range of applications.

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If you have a damp location or a humid area that needs dependable, efficient lighting, we have the lighting solutions for you. Check out our collection of vapor proof light fixtures in LED. These highly durable fixtures are the perfect solution for any wet location. This hardware not only resists dampness and wetness, but it is also an efficient and effective lighting source. By combining powerful lighting technology with a focus on extreme weather and wear resistant design, these lights have created a new standard for commercial and industrial lighting.

These light fixtures are classified by their mounting tools. Listed as the ceiling, pendant, and wall mount fixtures, they are useful in a variety of locations depending on your needs. Take time to consider where you need to put your fixture and you will find a great option that will get the job done with ease. It is also worth noting that vaporproof light fixtures are also categorized as per their shape design and functionality. For example, a Saucer light with its saucer-shaped cover makes a great sleek barn light, providing maximum utility. The durable cover helps protect from moisture and debris while also giving off a sleek and traditional look. We have a great selection of options, so you can find the look and design you need to get the most utility and style out of your fixtures. Please contact us with any questions regarding these solutions.

These fixtures work by using acrylic or polycarbonate diffusers to seal in gaskets and protect the lamps, making them ideal for wet places, indoors or out. The result is a highly durable fixture, resisting dampness and humidity, as well as dust and other debris caused by daily traffic and active work environments. This makes them ideal options for outdoor structures such as barns that are subject to dustiness and wetness and any building where dampness is an issue, such as swimming pool structures and sewage plants. Typically, vapor proof light fixtures are mounted on walls or ceilings. Because the lights are enclosed in compact cases, linear vapor tight lights have superb color rendering capacity, widespread output, and effectiveness. They will provide great visibility in any condition, no matter how difficult the environment is. There are many options when it comes to high quality and long-lasting fixtures so that you can find the ideal match for your application. Narrow down your search using a variety of factors including structure length, watt capacity, high or low bay, voltage, and more. With our collection of vapor-proof light fixtures, you can find the right model that meets your specifications in no time. Mount our quality hardware on a wall or ceiling and provide instant illumination to any space you need. No environment is too tough for our durable fixtures to handle.

Since they are one of the most durable options on the market today, vapor tight lights can be utilized in a wide range of locations in need of super tough solutions. Here are just a few of the many locations which commonly employ this type of lighting solution: Transportation depots and terminals, Warehouses and factories, Barns, stables, and riding arenas, Areas of high moisture such as indoor swimming pools and Food processing plants