Case Study – XHB Series

Case Study: XHB Series - High Bay Lighting

XHB High Bay LED Lighting located in an indoor stadium in an industrial made location.
Indoor Soccer Field, Location: Netherlands

PacLights prides itself in being apart of many unique projects around the globe. With our LED Lighting technology, we help maintain a sustainable, energy efficient, & eco-friendly environment to all our clients in the Industrial & Commercial area.

High Bays

XHB series LED High Bays

From 20,700 lm to 28,200 lm
XHB Project - Information on Commercial and industrial LED stadium lighting - Location is based in Netherlands, Manufacturer Paclights, product used XHB Series High Bay

This air-supported sports facility located in the Netherlands were one of the many places that benefitted from the objective of delivering sustainable & efficient energy consumption in the commercial sectors.

What is an air-supported structure?

An air supported structure functions by trapping the air in located in the inner space of the structure. The inside of the structure must have higher or equal air pressure than the outside environment in order to effectively be supported.


There is no need for the air-supported structure to be airlocked, it all involves pressure. The benefit of having this air-supported structure is that they help reduce the overall energy and carbon footprint not only in their structure materials but also in their LED lighting structures with the usage of LED High Bays.

LED Lighting for commercial and Industrial , Installation process with steps for sports venues

The Problem

Due to its light-weight material, the football field air dome needed a fixture that was light in overall weight and provided a strong lumen output. With previous fixtures, the issue with the fixtures used were that they were either too heavy to be supported by the roofing materials or produced an inefficient wattage per lumen. Therefore an LED Lighting fixture such as the XHB was perfect for this unique lighting project.

The Solution

For this project, our XHB Series LED High Bay  was utilized due to being the perfect LED fit in being both light weight and powerful.

From our selection of High Bays , we provided the XHB Light due to being best used on applications such as: Halls, Warehouses, Gyms, Sports centers and arenas, and in this case air-supported structures. 

With creative projects such as this example, PacLights inches closer to providing an eco-friendly environment to any area with energy efficient & easy-to-install LED lighting.

Installation & Mounting Options

XHB Installation Process, Commercial, Industrial, LED Lighting
XHB Installation process, Location in Netherlands, sports lighting LED High Beams, IP56 Rated with light color temperatures


PacLights, offers a variety of mounting options for the installation process. We emphasize the installation process to be quick and easy with the types of mounting options provided. The mount used for the indoor sports facility project was a hook mount. 

All Mount Options:

  • Conduit Mount (Included)
  • Hook Mount (Included)
  • Mogul (E39) bulb base (Included)
  • U Bracket Trunnion mount (Optional)

Dimmable LED Technology

Are LED lighting dimmable , IS LED Lighting low voltage ,
XHB Series - LED Light Dimming -

The XHB series LED High bay provided the Futbol stadium with a high grade of visibility with its Lumen output of 20,700 – 28,299 Lumens. 

These lighting fixtures were perfect for creating a unique atmosphere in lighting up the stadium to creating a star-light experience with its’ dimming capabilities. XHB lets you bring that unique environment to both indoor and outdoors with its IP56 Rating making it protected from outside factors such as rain and dust. Its’ environmentally friendly polyester powder coating is formulated for a high durability and long-last color; and of course, contains no toxic heavy metals nor volatile organic compounds (VOC). 

 The XHB series LED High Bay is offered with a wide range of different options such as: mounting options, light color temperatures, and lighting controls. The Color Temperature options are suitable for any color preference ranging from:  3000K, 4000K , 5000K, 57000K. 


Save Money by switching to LED Lighting

Not only does utilizing LED lighting make for a better atmosphere, but it is also cheaper and faster to operate than traditional HID High bays. You wont realize the amount of money one will save until you measure your current consumption. We make it easy to measure with your potential payback with our complimentary payback calculator. 


Looking to enhance your industrial and/or commercial project? PacLights can help supply your lighting needs with our lineup of universal LED lighting fixtures.

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